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Grenji by SSBBknuckles
a little fun picture i decided to draw. because i love genji and i love greninja so i decided to draw them into one being. So i name this fine creation of mine Grenji! Hope yall like it.
Megaman Rock Aki Light Persona by SSBBknuckles
Megaman Rock Aki Light Persona
Hello guys this is my artwork of megaman if he were to be in persona. the reason i decided for his persona to look like an evangelion mech was because i thought it would be quite unique. anyway the reason I wanted to make this artwork in the first place was because i was inspired by another artist by the name of Guirm and i suggest you check out his artwork. anyways hope you like my piece. 
R-senal Slpash Art Unfinished 3 by SSBBknuckles
R-senal Slpash Art Unfinished 3

name: R-Senal Mauder Blood Stone

gender: Male

age: 22-25

residence: piltover

occupation: Hunter/inventor

type of champion: jungler (main) Top (juggernaught)

type: Fighter/assassin

hobbies: hunting, drawing, cooking.

Height: 6'ft

personality: he is a cocky hunter who puts on a sarcastic arrogant front but he is a softy deep down. he usually taunts his opponents to catch them off guard.

friends: Surge (my other original champion), rengar, Malzahar, Sivir, Caitlin (love interest), Yasuo, ekko (somewhat)
Vi (somewhat), janna (his ex girl friend)
Rivals: cho'gath, Kog' Maw, Rek'sai, Vel' Koz, Kha'zix, ekko (somewhat), Vi (somewhat), zaun in general)

powers: Earth manipulation, blood manipulation.

lore: R-Senal is a young piltover adult who specializes in hunting and inventing, he uses the creatures he hunts to create weapons that will help him for his next line of prey. in piltover he is regarded to be a pretty good hunter but not as good as his parents before him. so in order to prove himself he decided to hunt the legendary titan of blood stone who has the power to manipulate the earth and manipulate blood itself. by hunting this creature he thought he would get the recognition he rightly deserves from his peers and piltover. By the surprise of many he successfully slain the Titan and the titan fused with R-Senal to carry on the legacy of being the titan of Blood stone. Also R-Senal uses the armor of the Titan to create his trusty Cross canon and Cross busters. With this great feet he quickly surpassed his parents and became a celebrity in piltover. With this newfound popularity the league hears of his impressive feats and asks him to join to represent piltover's hunters. excited by this invitation he joins with no hesitation to show that piltover hunters are nothing to sleep on. However the league is not the only place he sets his sights on, he wishes to go to the void to hunt the most savage of creatures.

Passive (precipice blood) when hit with an auto attack or his Q it causes grevious wounds for 3 seconds and also if a champion is below 50% of health he will do bonus attack damage.

Q: Charge Blood shot: just like it sounds you charge up this attack to do more damage. however when fully charged your w will change into a dash which allows you to dash and shoot or shoot and dash.

W: Earth transport: this allows him to gank any lane because its an universal move. this allow him to transport anywhere on the map as long as he targets a champion, minion, ward, or enemy champ. if he uses this on a enemy champ he will grab them and stun them for 2 seconds.

E: Cross bruiser: R-Senal swings his cross canon 2 times and the second hit causes snare its a great aoe and cc for team fights.

R: Blood Stone waltz: he creates a stalagmite to knock up his enemies (aoe/cc) then shoots them in the air many times then blast them away doing attack damage and causing greivous wounds while R-Senal does life steal. Also works well with yasuo ult.

fun facts:

  • his design is based on many character. he draws big inspiration from wolf wood from trigun and protoman from megaman.
  • his middle name is mauder because the actual gem blood stone is actually called the maurder stone in some places.
  • his out fit was inspired by the new design of ken from street fighter 5.
  • the glasses are inspired by kamina from gurren lagann and protoman.
  • he has a lot of interactions with characters.
  • he was normally a gemsona for steven universe but i wanted to make him a champion for the league.
  • he used to date janna until they had a huge fight then they broke up after. however now he likes Caitlin for her independence and strong nature, also he finds her accent sexy.
  • The titan of blood stone was actually malphite's cousin so now he is enemies with malphite.


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I love japanese things and Im a very good Anime artist

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